StayLocal provides a fully managed process allowing you to market, discount and communicate with people keen to shop local. Whether that’s local people or tourists, we’re providing them with the incentive to shop local, and spend their money with businesses like yours that are giving back to our communities, unlike global conglomerates.

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At StayLocal, our purpose is to get local people and tourists to think twice about how they use their disposable income. By encouraging them to shop local, we’re working to ensure the health of the local economy, in turn helping to maintain and restore the essence and identity of our communities

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Every £1 spent with a local trader can contribute up to 4 times that amount to the local economy

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As a local business, we know that how people are spending their money is changing, almost by the day. We also know that people really do care about their local high streets and independents. We've got to keep up with how people want to spend their money and how we can help them achieve that. StayLocal delivers on both of those items.


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We are a movement committed with purpose to getting local people and tourists thinking twice about how they use their disposable income to make sure more of it remains in the local economy and the essence of places not only remains, but the identity of villages, towns and cities start to return; fueled by those independent businesses that make it.

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